Writing as Work Therapy

I have been writing since my elementary school days. I’m the kid who, when asked to write a 1- to 2-page short story would turn in a 8- or 10-page opus. Things just progressed from there.

Lately, I have turned my attention to novel-length works, with the occasional foray into teleplays. Most of my recent fiction projects are thinly-disguised tales that I like to refer to as “writing as work therapy”. It’s amazing how you can sluice off stress-filled situations by casting real-life heroes and villians alike into the roles of starship captains and alien beasts!

I highly recommend it–and it’s much less expensive than traditional therapy methods. The added bonus is that, should you sell the story, it can make money for you as well. Suffering might be good for your soul, but it can also be good for your bank balance!

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