Metrics for Successful Parenting

In my new job at a new company, there is almost an obssesive concern over having specific metrics to measure the level of success (or failure) of projects. These, apparently, can even be applied to such subjective and nearly intangible qualities as customer satisfaction. (I’m not saying that this isn’t important, just that the data often seems as contradictory as it is useful.)

I’ve seen similar methods applied to education and, in various periodicals, parenting. There is a long laundry list of items they try to measure, but in terms of my son, it has always come down to this.

When he’s older and out on his own, preparing to raise his own family, do I want him to remember me as the father that made lots of money and could shower him with toys? Or do I want him to think of me as the Dad who took long bicycle rides with him, played video games, and journeyed out on imaginary adventures on the playground?

The choice has always seemed simple to me.

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