The NaNoWriMo 2007 Report: Week 2


I’ve (somehow) managed to keep up the pace this week, staying well ahead of my personal goals and where I realistically needed to be in order to complete 50,000 words by November 30.

It was a tough week. The muse seemed determined to sit there with her arms wrapped tightly around each sentence, unwilling to surrender them to me. Each one that she gave me, she did so grudgingly. I’m sure the writing reflects it, but the goal is words, words, words–quantity over quality. (Yeah, sure, just try to tell a Virgo that!)

There’s been a few interesting twists and turns this week, both in terms of plot and character. More than once, I’ve thought back and wondered, “Why did she decide to have that happen?”

Over the past two days I’ve also hit upon an interesting insight: even “evil” characters have hopes, fears, and dreams, just like the good guys do. The difference, sometimes, is only the context in which they occur.

Okay. Back at it for Week Three . . .

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