That’s Not in the Script . . .

Yes, faithful readers (all three of you 🙂 ), it’s time once again for Script Frenzy. Brought to you by the folks you organize NaNoWriMo, it’s the chance to terrorize your muse by writing a script of any kind—screenplay, stage play, teleplay, anything.

(For those of you who followed along last year, I’m going to treat that attempt as a practice run disrupted by a plethora of real-life events. Pay no attention to the bound muse stowed behind the curtain.)

The goal is 100 pages by the end of April.

The math breaks down like this: 3.34 pages per day needed to meet that goal. My personal goal: a minimum of 4 pages per day. That’s a definitely achievable goal if the muse cooperates.

What’s my story concept for this event? As of this moment, I have no freaking idea . . .

If you wish, you can watch the progress here.

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