Script Frenzy 2008 Report: Week 2

Holding steady at 47 pages . . .

That’s slightly behind where I should be, but at this point I’m not overly concerned about catching up. A bad cold had kept me from writing for 3 days . . . and I know better than to write when under the influence of cold medication. Been there, done that . . . cringed for days afterward.

One of the most interesting things I’m discovering as I’m structuring this script, as it’s intended for to be a two-hour pilot for a television, is what I’m deciding to explore and what I’m leaving out or only leaving as hints. To draw a comparison, it’s more Battlestar Galactica than Star Trek. I had not originally intended it that way, but I can see how it might be a more effective way to kick off a potential series than trying to do a completely self-contained episode and then try to expand from there.

I guess we’ll see how this next week progresses . . .

Oh, another item on the “plus” column: I’ve gotten much further than I did last year! 🙂

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