Script Frenzy 2008 Report: On the Cutting Room Floor

I’ve spent the past week editing my progress to date and starting to fill in some of the blanks. It took me two days to untangle the time sequence mess I had knotted myself in (kind of ironic, considering the subject matter of the story), but I’m pretty sure that is all straightened out now.

I ended Script Frenzy on April 30th with 43 “[insert more here]” markers where I knew I needed a few more lines of dialogue or a bit of action to close the scene. I now have 38 of them remaining. That seems like I haven’t made a lot of progress, but as I’ve added new scenes to fill in some of the blank spots, a few more of those markers got added.

The script now runs 123 pages. There’s still several more scenes to write, so I fully expect that it continue to grow. There’s a fairly lengthy scene in there now that will likely get either cut or seriously trimmed. While the concept it discusses is interesting, I think at might be better to leave it an ambiguous loose end to explore in a later episode.

The main story is essentially finished except for two key scenes. I’m really struggling with the secondary story for various reasons. I’m sure I’ll get past them and wrap this whole thing up soon.

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