Script Frenzy 2011 Report: Week 3


21 days, 68 pages.

That’s two pages behind the suggested goal of 70 pages—and well behind my personal goal of 84 pages.

I lost three days due to a family visit. I had hoped to squeeze in a few pages during that time, but that wasn’t to be. (I knew that was the case when I pulled out my netbook on Sunday night and it refused to restart because the battery was drained.) I had, however, possessed foresight enough to go into the weekend about four pages ahead of the goal at the time, so it could have been worse.

I’m at the painful stage in the story where I’m trying to get to the ending from where the plot currently is. Even in novels, I find that I tend to falter at this stage. I know the conflict that is coming; I just can’t quite figure out how to get there from here—yet.

Back at it . . .


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