WorldCon 2011 Report: Day Three – Pitching the Project

Lizzy Shannon, the moderator, had a very nice casual style that put people at ease. (Had I actually come prepared, I might have stood up and given a pitch.)

Focus on character, not plot in the hook of your pitch.

Check out "What if, so what?" (I couldn’t find this.)

Why should someone (particularly the agent!) care about the protagonist?

Physical presence: hand gestures, eye contact, pauses

Recommended length: 25 words

Possibly end with a question–or leave a question in the agent’s mind that will cause them to ask the next question

Keep the followup to about a paragraph, but watch the reactions

What is the conflict?

Don’t be a formula. Be yourself.

Use active words like "flung"

Check out for additional hints.

Don’t "cold call" an agent or editor by just walking up to them. Make sure they’re receptive to listening.

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