NaNoWriMo 2011 Report: Week 3

Participant2_100_100_whiteCurrent word count: 40,004
Average words per day: 1,880

My total word count is nicely above both where it needs to be and above my personal goal. My daily average word count for the week is done slightly from last week due to one night where I just couldn’t eke out even a thousand words. (And that, boys and girls, is why we try to get a little ahead on word count early on!)

My muse and I have not really been locked on mortal combat much this year. She has demonstrated some reluctance from time to time, but has always come through. (The one night with below-average word count wasn’t her fault. That was more a function of me being too damned tired to write after a very long day at work.)

The past few days have been both interesting and a little disturbing. I had always known that one of my main characters had experienced a less than ideal childhood and home life, but I had never really explored it in detail until now. I would probably be much more alarmed about it if I was not aware of where it’s coming from. Let’s just say that sometimes writers don’t always mine just their own lives for source material; sometimes they borrow it from others.

A little over a week more to go. I think I can start “cheating” now and write some of those scenes that I have saved in my head.

Until next week . . .

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