WorldCon 2013 Report: Day Three — The Shift from Print Publishing to E-Publishing

31 Aug

small pressPanel: Kirsten Gong-Wong (M), Michelle Sagara, John Klima, Betsy Mitchell, Hugh Howey

My Notes

The Next 2-5 Years

  • Much lower startup costs today
  • Library usage of ebooks increases 50-70% *each month*
  • Print editions will never completely go away, likely for special editions
  • Print publishing is not sustainable for self-publishing
  • Readers will buy more books because they will be more affordable
  • Writers will be better off earning higher royalties
  • Publishers might finally get on board with offering an ebook with each print edition
  • Each print book is more expensive to produce than it used to be
  • Returns are factored into the price of the book
  • The value of an ebook needs to account for upfront costs, but readers don’t see that for an ebook
  • 40% markup on books
  • Publishers are still scared that ebooks are cannablizing the sales of their print books
  • This is all fear pricing
  • Every industry makes the same mistakes
  • Once you have a low distribution cost, it fragments your audience
  • 1/2 of book sales are online; the marketing needs to follow it
  • Online distribution is allowing for a lot more experimentation in form and word count
  • I want something I can read during a lunch break
  • You can’t give your print versions away for free without going bust, not true for digital versions
  • Digital editions can be corrected incredibly easily and quickly
  • Readers now expect the same quality from ebooks as in print
  • Overdrive is a way to get your self-published books into libraries
  • There are psychological differences between buying habits between ebooks and print books
  • There are a lot hurdles to get into traditional publishing
  • It’s better to be lucky than good
  • He published 8 books before "Wool"
  • Your best strategy is to write your next book
  • Get 10 books out there
  • The only thing that made a difference was writing more books
  • The best way is word of mouth–the one kind of publicity you can’t buy
  • We can usually tell by book 5 whether an author will be successful
  • Make the entry into a series the lowest barrier possible

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