NaNoWriMo 2013 Report: Week 2

2013-Participant-Square-Button-72Current word count: 21.896
Average words per day: 1,327

Not exactly a stellar week, performance-wise.

I started off the week strong, even exceeding my personal goal of 1,800 words each day. I even managed to stay slightly ahead of the total word count goal going into the fifth day. And then it all started to slide downhill.

Some of it was due to issues in Real Life, insanity at the day job, and assisting with Something That Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. On the bright side, my Stats report that I need to average less than my personal daily goal to finish on time. This is a good thing. It almost certainly will not be another personal record-breaking year for me, but just finishing is the real goal, right?

Word sprinting yesterday helped to bring me somewhat back on track. Thank goodness there’s still two weeks left to go! (Amazing, isn’t it, how some years that statement is a blessing and sometimes a curse?)

The story is plotting along nicely (like that? Smile). There’s been no huge surprises, but the muse did offer up a nice little “a ha!” moment a few days ago that will add a nice little touch of both complexity and personal conflict for two of the main characters. I also suspect that it might play heavily into the climax, but I’m not quite certain yet, as, well, I’m sure exactly how the story ends just yet.

That’s all for now. Back to it!

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