NaNoWriMo 2017 Report: Stories are Like Children . . .

. . . or is that the other way around?

This year’s writing effort is planned to be a sequel to my novella, “Building Baby Brother“. I finally have an idea what needs to happen next and, unusual for me, some its content is likely to be slightly more topical. (What can I say? We all deal with stress and uncertainty in our own way.)

Let’s put this right up front: With everything else going on in my personal and professional life right now, I suffer from no illusions of “winning” by reaching the preferred 50,000-word goal. If I can achieve half of that, I will be very, very pleased. (The original draft of “Building Baby Brother” came in at slightly more than 24,000 words, so it seems a reasonable goal to set.)

As always, I will keep you posted on my progress here.

To all of my fellow NaNo-ers out there: Write on!

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