Firing Off My Canon

While I have many, many thoughts about the new Star Trek: Discovery, I’m only going to hit a few of the points right now (it still being NaNoWriMo and all).

(I figure by now that those of you who are going to see it, have. If not, I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum.)

  • When the Starfleet delta symbol became visible in the sand near the beginning of “The Vulcan Hello”, I was grinning like a fool just as I did during the last few minutes of Star Trek (2009).
  • I adore(d) Captain Philippa Georgiou. I hope they find a way to bring her back. If not, they’d better keep the books coming.
  • The moment I came to love Lorca:
    (from “Context is for Kings”)

    LORCA (to SARU): Number One, you served with Burnham aboard the Shenzhou. What is your assessment of her abilities?
    SARU: Her mutiny aside, she is the smartest Starfleet officer I have ever known.
    LORCA: Huh. (to STAMETS) And he knows you.


  • I’m not wild about the uniforms, but I do think they are an interesting evolution from the ones used on Star Trek: Enterprise. But it does seem odd that they are not closer to the ones used in Star Trek (The Original Series). It will be interesting to see whether that’s a piece of canon they try to resolve during the series run.
  • I find it absolutely fascinating that there seemed to be more uproar about the use of profanity (the f-bomb) in “Choose Your Pain” than, for example, from the graphic depiction of the bodies in “Context is for Kings”. Star Trek: Discovery does have a TV-MA rating, after all. (That is a topic for discussion at a later date.) That said, I completely understand and appreciate the “but … but Star Trek never used profanity before” argument. Personally, I found the moment perfect and it added a brief injection of badly-needed humor at just the right time. I actually felt it was much appropriate and necessary that Data’s exclamation regarding excrement in Star Trek: Generations.

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