WorldCon 2018 Report: Day Two — Interview: GoH Spider Robinson

If you’ve been to a recent WorldCon, you’ve probably been to Callahan’s. Spider Robinson wrote the fictional saloon that inspired the real-world tribute you’ll see on the convention floor. That’s only the most famous of his creations: his first Hugo Award was in 1977, and he’s earned two more. He’s also famously one of the nicest and funniest people in the field.

I was a few minutes late to this one, which is why I’m so far in the back of the rather large room.

I didn’t take notes during this, as I just wanted to hear what the man had to say. He spoke of many things: his wife Jeanne, his daughter Terri, and his granddaughter. (I’m sorry, Spider, but with all due and deep respect, I have to challenge you on yours being the best and smartest.)

He discussed not being able to write fiction any more, but has been working on some non-fiction things. He also discussed how he become lucky enough (even if he didn’t think so at the time) to be chosen to write Variable Star based on the notes left by Robert A. Heinlein.

A notion was tossed out to a show of hands from audience about whether people would be interested in a Spider-edited anthology of “Callahan” stories. As you might guess, the enthusiasm was nearly unanimous. It is apparently under discussion. (I will be first in line to buy that when it appears!)

There may have been more, but I was too busy being enthralled by listening to the man. You might also notice that this is one of the few sessions during which I remember to take photographs.

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