NaNoWriMo 2018 Report: Week Three

Current word count:  31,290
Words this week:  11,605
Average words per day:  1,658

This week’s word count is not quite where I would want it to be (I usually set a goal of 1,800 words/day, just to make sure to have a buffer for less productive days), but I will definitely take it, as it puts me within (relatively) comfortable range of hitting the 50,000-word target for the end of the month.

The story continues to move along. There is no new action happening and we are finally starting to get some hints of the concept on which I based this entire story. I think they are coming off as a little too obvious, but I can fix that in any rewrites. Also, as tends to happens pretty much every year, the ending of the story came to me about mid-week. As always, I’ll keep that in my proverbial back pocket for days when the muse deigns to be stubborn.

Until next week . . . Thank you everyone, on this day and every day, for your support and friendship.

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