NaNoWriMo 2018 Report: Hindsight Rather Than Foresight

Final word count:  50,203
Words this week:  3,181
Average words per day:  1,591

Slow and steady once again “wins” the race. I broke my three-year-long “losing” streak (although any year during which my word count is greater than 0 cannot truly be considered a “loss”). During the first two weeks, it looked doable, but not a slam-dunk. A steady stream of persistence and, mostly, 15-minute word sprints did the trick!

NaNoWriMo 2018 Winner

As for the story itself … yeah, well. At 50,203 words, it’s not a complete novel, so I have plenty of room in there and steer it back in the direction that I had originally wanted it to go. One particularly interesting thing was that it was supposed to be Rusty’s story, but Elizabeth ended up being the made point-of-view character. I’m not quite sure how or why that happened. The muse, as I think we all know, often has a mind entirely of her own.

Until next year … Thank you everyone, as always, for your support and friendship.

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