New Book Release: “Grimaulkin Tales”

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the people in their life — Mike LeBonte is no exception.

  • Who is Ritter, and why is he so important to Mike?
  • Who is the Grey Man in the Atheneum? And what is Chevalier to the Rosicrucians?
  • Did Reverend Greene really escape? Whatever happened to Becky?

Also included in this collection is the first case that Grimaulkin has with his new apprentice, Ash.

Re-enter the world of Grimaulkin, where magic is real.

This is a neat collection of short stories set in L. A. Jacob’s “Grimaulkin” series, some of which have been published before, but many are new. It was interesting to learn the backstories of some of the background characters from the “Grimaulkin” books. There is also fun nod to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in that each of the stories are titled (or, in come cases, re-titled) in a similar fashion, such as “The Demon’s Tale” or “The Jailer’s Tale”. This is a great book if you’re looking for a follow-on to the “Grimaulkin” series or want something to whet your appetite before you read those books.

Grimaulkin Tales by L. A. Jacob is available from Paper Angel Press (and the usual online booksellers).

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