Report from BayCon 2019

28 May

My first ever BayCon!

You’d think that, after living in the Bay Area all of these years, I would have gone before now. But, um, no. I was told that it was smaller than in previous years, but I had no previous experience from which to measure that. It was much smaller than World Con (which I expected), but, from a business-side perspective, it was much more successful for us.

Steven Radecki, Nancy Wood, Andrea MonticueI was joined throughout the weekend by my fellow Paper Angel Press authors Andrea Monticue and Nancy Wood. It was Nancy’s first science fiction convention, so it was probably good that we started smaller.

We filled our one table with all of our books — and that was only the science fiction and fantasy titles. Next year, we are going to need two tables.

Sunday at BayConWe sold almost as many books as we did at WorldCon, but if you look it at from an attendees-to-sales ratio, we actually did far better. We also signed up three new authors, so that was definitely a win.

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