New Book Release: “Sometimes After Dark”

3 Jul

A collection of thoughtful tales by J Dark

Among the tales collected here to make you think, question, and wonder …

  • A rescue mission in a combat zone on a hostile planet becomes something more
  • A young girl, searching for the parents who abandoned her, discovers that some answers only lead to more questions
  • A young boy learns that it takes more than superpowers to become a hero
  • A man who had led a less-than-perfect life finds out that it’s never too late for redemption
  • A dying Afghanistan veteran’s last moments of his life are not what he expected them to be
  • And, sometimes, on the night before Christmas, it is not always a silent night

Explore the past, future, and triumphs of the human soul.

The Jiminy / Saying GoodbyeThis is a terrific collection of short stories by J Dark, author of the “Glass Bottles” series. None of these stories are related to that series, and each story has a flavor and spirit all it’s own. There is a broad mixture here from light comedy to heavy drama. On the latter, I particularly recommend “The Jiminy” and “Saying Goodbye”, both of which are also available separately from this collection in digital formats. If you are looking for a set of short stories rather than a long novel to settle down with with for the night, this is one you’ll want to consider.

Sometimes After Dark by J Dark is available from Paper Angel Press (and the usual online booksellers).

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