New Book Release: “Goddess Chosen”

7 Aug

The man who would beat the devil isn’t a hero, but a ruthless madman.

Running from his dark past, former Duvalier hit man Charles Redmond is forced to take sides in a battle that has been raging since Exodus: between a power-mad magician named Silas Alverado and Sammael, the Demon Prince of Liars.

When Charles’ beloved Voodou is threatened with extinction, he must wager his life between pure evil and the man who could destroy the world.

Charles’ psychiatrist, Sanantha Mauwad, steps into this maelstrom of nightmares, violence and insanity to help Charles find his strength. She tries to save Charles’ mind, but can she save his soul?

This is a fascinating novel that combines elements of historical fiction and urban fantasy into a suspenseful mix. Highly recommended!

Goddess Chosen by Jay Hartlove is available from Paper Angel Press (and the usual online booksellers).

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