NaNoWriMo 2019 Report: Week Three

Current word count:  26,276
Words this week:  4,968
Average words per day:  710

I knew this week would likely be rough, in terms of word count, with a week-long training and three days of personal travel, but I had not anticipated that it would be quite this bad.

On the plus side, I did write some words every day. However, I am way, way behind where I should be, and not at all certain that I can catch up. As I always tell everyone else: “Any word count greater than zero is a good thing!”

The story itself continues to progress … although exactly to where I’m still not sure. This might be the first year that I have ever done this where I did not know the ending of the story by now. That had better come to me soon, as I’m running out of daily routine details to pad the story with.

So, until next week: Write early and often!

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