NaNoWriMo 2019 Report: An Incomplete Pass

1 Dec

Final word count:  41,580
Words this week:  5,213
Average words per day:  2,607

Well, I can claim that I hit (and slightly surpassed) by revised goal of 40,000 words. I never could quite recover from falling behind as far as I during Week Two. But, of course, I now have 41,580 words in a story that I did not have before November 1st.

During the last day, though, the pieces of the mystery behind the story finally started to fall together. Had this happened last week, it might have given me a better chance to hot 50,000 words, as I would have known where the story was going. (I still don’t know where it’s ending, but at least now it finally seems to have a direction.)

So, until next year: Keep on writing!

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