Listening to the Past, Present, and Future

25 Jul

As much as a I prefer reading physical books when I want to escape from what passes for reality these days, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a big fan of audiobooks. My Audible subscription has no doubt saved me from countless episodes of commute-induced road rage. For those of you who have followed along, you’ll also know that I find it a great way to revisit older, beloved stories without spending my limited physical reading time.

Sheltering and working from home has, of course, reduced my audiobook consumption rate to nearly zero. Now that I’m nearly caught up with listening to most of the podcasts to which I subscribe, I realized that, “Oh, yes!”, I can listen to audiobooks just as well as podcasts during my (somewhat) daily walks.

This week, I finally listened to one that had been in my “Up Next” list for a little while: Space: 1999 – Breakaway by Big Finish Productions. It’s actually a full-cast dramatization, rather than an audiobook, but it’s a terrific update to the television series of the same name. It brings the technology a bit more current to the present day and provides a (somewhat) more plausible explanation for the events that set the premise for the series. I highly recommend it and look forward to the new episodes in February 2021.

I do want to add that Big Finish Productions does an absolutely incredible job on all of the productions that I have listened to. If you’re also a fan of Torchwood, I cannot recommend highly enough their original full-cast recordings based on that series. They totally sound and feel like unaired episodes from that series. Again, I cannot recommend those highly enough.

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