New Book Release: “The Found Child”

3 Oct

Private Investigator Shelby McDougall is out for revenge.

Repeated miscarriages have caused Shelby’s marriage to disintegrate. Financial ruin lies ahead. A cheek swab sent to an online ancestry service turns up a surprise child: Shelby’s genetic offspring — found in the misty ether of the internet.

The only way Shelby can hang on to her shredding sanity is to take things into her own hands and, once and for all, locate and apprehend Helen Brannon — the woman responsible for hijacking her fertility … and her future.

As Shelby closes in on her target, the stakes get higher and higher. But when Shelby finds Helen Brannon … how far will she go?

The Found Child is a satisfying conclusion to the three-book “Shelby McDougall Mystery” series. The author takes some slightly darker turns than in their previous two books, but that tone is actually quite fitting given the underlying theme of Shelby’s drive for revenge. Although this book brings closure to Shelby’s personal story arc, I would love to see future stories about her life and adventures.

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