New Book Release: “Smith: An Unauthorized Fictography” by Jory Post

4 May

In this kaleidoscopic, episodic joy ride, Jory Post treats us to thirty interviews that may or may not be real, with an array of “ordinary” people who turn out to be anything but, all of them in conversation with an interviewer who is herself a mystery.

As one encounter follows another, we realize that “Smith” is a convenient alias for a range of voices, including: a traveling nurse from Saipan, a Vietnam-war vet who lives in his truck, a woman who can only tell her own story through fairy tales, a young man more comfortable talking to animals than people, an army brat, a poker prodigy, a pool shark. Some of these Smiths offer themselves openly to the interviewer, while others reveal as much in their resistance as they do in their narratives.

Smith: An Unauthorized Fictography is a funny and fascinating collection of vignettes disguised as interviews that reveal the thoughts and lives of the various characters that the interviewer encounters. It’s a fascinating (if fictional?) collection of character studies that explore the human condition in many of its forms. The author does an amazing job of each unique voice. Amusing, entertaining, and, at times, poignant, this book is definitely worth your time.

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