Road Rants

9 Feb

In an attempt to ward off a complete onset of of road rage, I’m going to try to use this forum as a form of self-therapy. We’ll see how that works out. To some of you drivers out there (and … Read More »

Born to Fly

7 Feb

While I was out doing yardwork this past weekend, rocking out with my iPod, I experienced one of those moments of synchronicity when one of the songs hit a particular note with events of recent weeks. The song, “Born to … Read More »

Birth of a Story

6 Feb

I am pleased to report that I have completed the first draft of my short story, “Building Baby Brother”. It weighs in at approximately 21,600 words (that’s roughly 98 manuscript pages)! Not quite the 2,000-word short tale that I originally … Read More »

Writing as Work Therapy

26 Jan

I have been writing since my elementary school days. I’m the kid who, when asked to write a 1- to 2-page short story would turn in a 8- or 10-page opus. Things just progressed from there. Lately, I have turned … Read More »